Open-space Adoption Simple Intelligent Solutions

OASIS is an independent management company, which adopts and manages public open spaces (POSs) cost effectively and sustainably, in perpetuity.

OASIS is different from other management companies because it...

  • Is founded to cherish Green Space - ALL TYPES of residual green space land including lagoons, swales, play areas, woodlands, and green infrastructure elements, via investment of a commuted sum.
  • Invests in value sustaining assets that provide perpetual positive cash flow - the sustained income needed to cherish green spaces for a lasting legacy.
  • Reduces costs and adds value by integrating professional services from sister company James Blake Associates JBA-landmarc.com – for Landscape Design, Arboriculture, Ecology, and Landscape Strategy.
  • Good investment yields ensure lower up-front commuted sum costs than Local Authorities, making this route to adoption cheaper and reduces any need for levy’s to house buyers.
  • Maintains consistency of service through a financial and legal framework designed for safety, surety and perpetuity.
  • Protects the developer’s future development and access rights to land without needing to retain the owner liability and ongoing maintenance costs, by our ethical good practice and intelligent legal agreements.
  • Will accommodate any reasonable request e.g. to adopt in stages, protect access rights, rectify snags, make special provisions and tailor the adoption to suit the developer’s programmed build or delivery objectives.
  • Offers experience in Landscape and Property Management, Finance and Investment (OASIS is a sound well capitalised company whose guarantee is asset backed to ensure a positive legacy.)
  • Provides developers with a safe alternative to the local authority for adoption with the assurance of a positive outcome and no risk to the developer’s reputation.